Active and Creative at Home with Age-appropriate Toys

Hi Moms!

What have you played with your kids today? As you may know, children are in the active period to be creative and explore new things, starting with recognizing movement until interact with their surroundings even at home.


Do you know that toys can help children in stimulate the improvement of their motoric system?


The development of motoric system in their body is one of the child developments processes, in terms of movement which is based on physical and neural maturity. There are 2 of the development of motoric system, the first one is soft-motoric and the second one is hard-motoric. Soft-motoric consists of small muscles with the coordination eyes and hands, meanwhile the hard-motoric consists of balance and coordination between parts of body, like walking and running.


However, children in every age level have different supporting needs.


For that, Panda will give you some toys recommendations based on their age:


  1. Age 0 – 1 Year
    When children are between the age of 0 – 1 year, they require stimulation in both the development of soft and hard motoric. In the first 8 months, a baby’s brain ability develops by nearly 2 times its original size, therefore Mom should give the right stimulus, so that can help children in their growth period.The recommended toys for children in the age of 0 – 1 year are playing blocks, cars, dolls, play mat, and other toys which can help their motoric nerves to actively recognize movement.
  1. Age 2 – 3 Years
    If your child has reached the age of 2 – 3 years, they will experience rapid developments, for example talking and starting to doing simple things on their own. This age range is commonly called as golden age, which is the age of significant development, both in personalities and abilities.The recommended toys for these ages are playdough, clay, disassembly toys which can be used to improve hand coordination and skills.
  1. Age 4 – 5 Years
    In the age of 4 – 5 years, children will experience brain development upto 80% to controlling their behavior (paradigm and emotion), so that Moms can help to improve children’s creativity, imagination, oral skills and also learning new things, like words and numbers.The recommended toys for these ages, are puzzle, words and numbers game, coloring pictures which can help stimulate creativity also problem solving.
  1. Age 6 – 12 Years
    Entering the age of 6 years and above, brain development in controlling behavior grows by 90% to 100%, if your child entering age of 6 years, Moms can invite them to participate in creating something new, for example drawing by imitating particular objects, Kitchen set game for girls so that they can learn to make decisions when preparing food. Boys can try to assembly robot, cars to stimulate their concentration and problem solving.

No need to worry in this pandemic situation, Moms still can give playing stimulation with children through toys and home activities. Hopefully this will be reference for Moms to help children to be active, dynamic and learning many things

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