Get to Know: Children’s Interests and Talents From Home

Hi Moms, how are you and your children’s activities until now?

Children will be more active, as they grow older, and they will experience rapid development, such as physically, mentally, mindset, and also behavior. Don’t forget to keep accompany your children in every development.

In the process of children’s growth, one of the important things and can be Moms and Dads concentration is the process of your children interests and talents.

Every activity your child participates in, can teach Moms & Dads to know what the children enjoys as well as his interests and talents. If parents can accompany children and identify their interests and talents appropriately according to their age, it will be a future provision for the children by having special abilities to adapt and develop in any environment that children faced. In this pandemic situation, Moms have big opportunity to get to know more about children’s interests and talents from home only. Closely observe your child’s movement and development.

Then, how to recognize children’s interests and talents from an early age? Panda will give you reference to help Moms and Dads!


  1. Give positive response to every child’s activity.
    In the process of their developments, basically children love to do some activities that recurring extra energy, such as running, playing hide and seek, and any games or activities that make their heart happy and excited. For example, when children playing cars, don’t forget to accompany them and start to teach them while playing, like teach them the directions and also help them to recognize shapes of objects.
  1. Give stimulus to improve creativity.
    Seeing the children active in every activity, Moms can help them to improve their creativity by giving stimulus in the form of games, activities or watching performing arts and involve them, for example playing puzzle while being helped to solve the problem until the puzzle is arranged correctly.
  1. Observe every child’s behavior.
    Don’t forget to observe their behavior, for example which activities make them happy and laughing, which foods they like the most, and how are their reaction when they playing and doing something to knowing their behavior starting from an early age.
  1. Give support and appreciation for children.
    Give positive support when Moms accompany them in doing any activities. For example, your children successfully complete the game of stacking blocks, Moms can give happy reaction to them and give positive sentences also physically like hugging them. No matter how small it is, don’t forget to give appreciation so that children can be motivated to do better.

Moms can give present in any form, little snacks for example. Panda will give you a recommendation to prepare Hello Panda, delicious stuffed biscuit which is ready to make your children happy, so don’t forget to prepare your children’s favorite Hello Panda flavor!

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