Here are things what Moms and Dads can do to improve Children’s creativity!

After knowing the importance of improving creativity for children start from an early age and the importance of the role of Moms & Dads in assisting your child in every process of growth including improving creativity, Panda wants to give some ideas of what Moms & Dads can do in order to improving children’s creativity.

Before starting, the first thing that Moms & Dads can do to make children always excited is to always provide their favorite flavor of Hello Panda! Which is their favorite flavor of Hello Panda?

Let’s begin! 

The presence of parents with the child in the early days is one of the things that is very much expected by the child. This is so important in order to developing the creativity of the child in upcoming days. It’s not only useful for the child, but a chance to educate children start from an early age can be a precious opportunity for Moms & Dads as parents and this precious opportunity could not come twice. This will happen if parents really following the child’s learning progress, development and growth as a whole. Learning and development process of a child can be felt as a unique opportunity, which is a process that gives great benefits for them.

In the childhood started from the age 0 – 5 years, children will be faced with psychological development, such as trust (trusting others), sense of independence and initiative. Don’t let the children facing this process alone, Moms & Dads have to always accompany the children and help them to direct them into positive things that can affect the process of educating them so from an early age they will be used to improve their creativity. Moms & Dads as parent should create a family environment that is great to learn for the children, start from an early age until they started to learn at school. This will happen if Moms & Dads as parents have good knowledge about children’s education in early childhood.

So, What efforts can Moms & Dads do as parents to improve children’s creativity? Here you go!

  1. Give Compliment to make them excited after they show Moms & Dads what they found. Everything that the children show you, don’t laugh at it, so it doesn’t make them sad and will always try to found new things.
  2. Give some space to experiment and conducive so that they can behave to the environment.
  3. Give some time and opportunity for the children to get involved in planning family activities. Their initiative should be respected in order to form a positive identity.
  4. Don’t disturb the children when they is enjoying and concentrating on the work that they’re doing, so Moms & Dads will not break their concentration affect the result of what they’re doing.
  5. Moms & Dads have to motivate the children so they will follow and doing their own ideas. Good and new ideas are often lost due to lack of self-confidence or lack of self-control

Keep in mind, when the children doing a creative efforts, it often affects the condition of the house, for example the children use it to experiment, such as drawing, Moms & Dads just need to direct them without scolding them, so they will not be sad ans still excited to be active and creative.

Keep up the enthusiasm, Moms & Dads to continue to play an active role in improving your children’s creativity 













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