It’s Time for Moms & Dads to Accompany Your Children in Improving Creativity!

Hi Moms & Dads, how is it going?

May you be well and happy always!

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The first education obtained by children starts from the family environment. Starting when Moms give birth, the first person your children have met are their parents. Therefore, family environment becomes the first closest environment to them and the role of parents is very important in children’s education. Education that applied to children is adjusted to their age, one of which is to improve children’s creativity from an early age.

Creativity is one of human abilities that plays an important role in life, where a person can find and create new things and new ways that are useful for them and their future. Children’s creativity can be developed through education and learning activities. Every child has creative potential as they have urge to grow and develop. Growth and development come from themselves and form of creative urge. The development of children’s creativity is basically in line with the development of a healthy children’s personality. If children’s creativity is well developed, then children will experience healthy personality development. Children will be able to develop an independent, confident and productive personality.

Education that supports the development of children’s creativity is when the activities that parents do can improve their creative thinking skills and personalities. To support the education of creativity development, Moms & Dads can find a variety tool such as children’s game at stores. Besides that, objects of nature that are naturally found around us can also be used to develop children’s creativity. The utilization of natural objects or life is cheap and also a source that is always available and may not run out. Therefore, the development of creativity can be done either at home or in nature, either by using people’s artificial play tools or natural objects and also natural life situations around us.

Do Moms & Dads know what is most important in the process of improving children’s creativity? It is important to know that the most important thing is how to change the children’s interaction with natural objects, natural situations or playing tools in order to create a problem-solving situation to find alternative answers and create a situation that encourages the excitement to try and do, as well as the courage to take initiative and take risks.

Moms & Dads as parents have an important role in accompanying your children in their growth and development, including in the process of improving their creativity through education and game systems that support them. Moms & Dads need to set a parenting and education pattern for the children that is compact and harmonious so that your children is brave to start every step.

So, Moms & Dads, are you ready to accompany your children to continue to be active and creative? Let’s start with simple things that are easy for children to do! 