Learning while Playing at Home, Fun & Exciting!

What are Sahabat Panda thinking when you hear the word ‘Learn’?

Maybe some of you thinking about book, pencil, school backpack or even numbers and alphabets to count and write.

Don’t Worry! Learning is not a scary thing!

Learning while playing is one of learning methods that uses a variety of games to improve children’s ability in both logic and motoric skills. This method creates a learning atmosphere that identical with children seating silently and listening to the lesson to be more interactive and interesting for kids to involve in every teaching activity that is provided.

This time, Panda will give you some examples of learning while playing that is fun and definitely exciting, especially in this pandemic situation, it’s time to create a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere with new activities, hopefully this can inspire Sahabat Panda to continue to be enthusiastic in learning.

  1. Learn to coloring pictures with crayons

This activity can help in the introduction of colors by providing crayons, helping to stimulate problem solving so that they can choose the right color that match with the picture and also improve the creativity and imagination.

  1. Blocks stacking

This activity designed to trigger children’s curiosity and give a stimulus to increase their concentration and logic in solving problems when arranging blocks. Other than that, these colorful blocks help to recognize colors and help them to learn how to arrange the blocks in the same color.

  1. Role play

This activity help people to socialize, because there will be role that must be played, whether using media or not. For example, ‘buying-selling’ game. Children play the role of sellers and mom play the role of buyers. This can stimulate children’s imagination and teach them what to do when something happened.

  1. Playing with moving toys.

In this kind of activity, use toys that can be moving, for example car toys, ball, robot, etc. These toys can help to stimulate motoric system, for example forward and backward, left and right. Other than that, children learn about direction based on the movements they made through the toys they played.

  1. Playing Flash Cards Memory

Children can improve their memory and concentration by using pictures in Flash Cards to think about the answer: what is on the flash card. It is not only shown, but also giving instructions, for example if it is a picture of a duck, the person who holding the flash card can give an instruction in the form of make a duck-like sound to help the children answer.

There are some examples of learning while playing that Sahabat Panda can try at home. With always be active in every activity that can improve creativity and mindset, learning can be fun and exciting.

Are you ready to learning while playing every day?

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