Must Try at Home! Traditional Games are more Fun without Gadgets

Sahabat Panda, how many hours do you spend playing on your phone?

Some people can spend more than 3 hours just to scrolling through social media timeline, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and also TikTok. Especially in this pandemic situation, Sahabat Panda spend most of the day at home, don’t be less productive, okay!


Do you know, that children overused of technology can have negative consequences? Too much time spent in front of electronic devices, such as tablet, computer, laptop, and phone can increase the risk of anxiety disorders, depression, and behavioral issues also give big impact on your life now and in the future.


Instead of being in front of electronic devices all day, it’s better to having fun with Panda!


Panda will give you some recommendation of traditional games which are not less exciting than games you usually play on your phone and Sahabat Panda can try this at home, around your home, yard, or even inside your home.


  1. Jump Rope
    This game can be played by 2 peoples or more, which will make you and your friends prepare more energy to play jump rope. This game is made of young yellow rubber bands that have been combined and put in a horizontally pattern. 2 persons in charge of holding the rope at the left and right ends, while the rest of the group jumps rope, try to switch with your friends!

  2. Engklek
    This traditional game has different names in each region, but the rules remain the same. This game can be played by boys and girls, max. 5 persons. To play, players have to make boxes on a blank field/yard using chalk (be sure the soil can be lined with chalk)The box can be shaped like letter T, with a total of 3 vertical squares, 3 horizontal squares, 1 vertical square, and 2 horizontal squares. Every player must use one foot to jump over the boxes. If a player fell, he needs to mark the latest box by putting a stone. Are you ready to try it?

  3. Hide and Seek
    This traditional game doesn’t only exist in Indonesia, but all over the world with different names. The goal of this game is to find the person who is hiding. The first person who is found while hiding is declared as ‘dead’ and will take turns with the seeker. Hide and seek can be played by at least 2 persons and can be played indoors or even outdoors. Before the game begins, players usually do ‘hompimpah’ to decide who will close their eyes to search the others who are hiding.

Isn’t it fun? Sahabat Panda can have fun by playing even not using gadgets. Take some time with your friends to play one of these games, it’s not only fun, but also make your body active and healthy even at home!

If Sahabat Panda wants to try at home, don’t forget to check your Hello Panda stocks at home and invite your siblings/friend to play at home

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