The Importance of Healthy Lifestyle for Your Kids

Besties, do you know, having a healthy lifestyle is very important as doing good deeds in your life?

You can stay away from all of the disease and can do everything you want if you are keeping up with healthy lifestyle every day. 

What is healthy lifestyle? How to start it? Let’s check this out and please share this information to your Moms and Dads, Panda Besties.

Healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that affecting on someone health and life aspects. Not only about food, but also about the daily habit in exercising and live the day. Health is the most important thing that support you in every activity every day. By having healthy lifestyle, you can avoid some health problems too, for instance, bacterial and viral disease, that is why you should maintain a healthy lifestyle every day.

Lifestyle can be categorized as healthy from someone’s food, drink, nutrition consumption and workout habits. Basically, healthy lifestyle is very related with someone’s daily consumptions. We should picky about the food that we eat and avoid junk food such as fast food. It will have bad effects on your health in various time range. In a long term, it will bring you to obesity.

Beside healthy and nutritious meals, keeping your body fit, such as doing some regular exercises, of course, will help too. We must have commitment and be serious on doing this kind of lifestyle because there is no easy way to have a healthy lifestyle, it does have some steps to do. 

How to implement this healthy lifestyle for your kids? Let’s start with making sure your kids rest and sleep in a sufficient time every day, Moms and Dads. 

Kids healthy lifestyle is affected in duration and quality of their sleep. By sleeping and rest well, your kids can get some benefits such as:

    • Boost immune system;
    • Reduce the risk of health problems;
    • Spared of stress;
    • Increase Creativity; and
    • Improve Life Quality.

In the beginning of implementing a healthy lifestyle for your kids, Moms and Dads may face some obstacles, so please be patient in this long process while hoping it will last for a lifetime. Therefore, let’s ask your kids to have a proper and healthy lifestyle from now on!

For your information, these are the proper sleeping time for kids:

    • Infant (0-1 years old) -> sleeping time: 14-15 hours a day consists of 8 hours night sleep and 6-7 hours nap (day sleep).
    • Toddler (1-3 years old) -> sleeping time: 12-14 hours a day consists of 11 hours night sleep and 2-3 hours nap.
    • Preschool kids (4-6 years old) -> sleeping time: 11-13 hours consists of 10-11-night sleep and 2 hours nap.
    • School kids (7-12 years old) -> sleeping time: 10-11 hours a day consists of 8-9 hours night sleep and 2 hours nap.

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