How to Turn Workouts into Regular Activity

Besties, do you want to stay as healthy as you can be?

When you are in a healthy condition, you can do everything with your family and friends.

One way to stay fit is to workout regularly. Don’t forget to bring Hello Panda, the yummiest filling biscuit with various flavors such as Chocolate, Milk Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Cream Cheese and Strawberry, which always be there especially when you do some workouts.

Please do share this information to Moms and Dads to cheer them up while doing workouts! 

Workout is an activity that can help you stay fit physically and mentally. Not only for adults, but children also need to workout to optimize their growth and development.

The earlier children are being introduced with workouts and exercises, it will make parents easier to ask them training their physical condition and ability.

Moms, do you know, kids who are in 3-5 years old range need minimum 60 minutes exercises every day? By doing some exercises with your kids, it may help them to optimize their growth and development at that age.

Furthermore, workouts can maintain kids’ mentality to stay well. It is related with their focus and concentration ability so they can achieve more academically.

Workouts regularly also can boost confidence. They also can reduce some risk on health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

So, how to build your little on to desire and discipline on their workouts so it can be done regularly? Check these out!

  • Be the Role Model

Kids always try to see and copy their parents good and bad habit. If they see their parents active physically and have fun in that activity, they will also try to stay active in their life. Moms and Dads, you should be the role model first so your kids can follow your steps in having a healthy and active life.

  • Limit Gadget Use 

It is better to limit the gadget use in your house, especially for your kids. Moms, you can replace the screen time with another fun activities, like playing throw and catch the ball in your garden.

  • Workout Sufficiently 

Make sure when you set workout to your kids, it should not in a long duration. Set the proper and sufficient time for them to workout based on their age and health condition.

  • Make Workout as a Daily Activity

Let workout be done by all of the family members. They must be involved and responsible in doing the workouts. When kids see all of the family members do some group activity together, they also raise their interest in doing the workout too. Parents also can set some regular schedule to do some exercises together such as aerobics, swimming, jogging, etc. 

  • Set Workout Schedule in Spare Time

Is working out at home too basic? Moms, you can set schedule for your spare time or even a holiday to work out together with your family. You can choose some nice places to do that maybe at the higher ground like hills or valley while you can enjoy to take a walk with your kids there. You also can ask them cycling together nearby the area. It may bring a new and joyful experience for them. 

So, that’s all the tips how to turn workouts into your regular activity. Remember, consistency and commitment are needed to do the exercises every day. 


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