Let’s Try to Make Ramadhan Foods to Improve Children’s Creativity in Ramadhan!”

Hi Panda Friends!

Happy Fasting to all Panda Friends

Entering this blessed Ramadhan, Ramadhan Foods or “Takjil” can be one of the specialities in the month of Ramadhan. Takjil itself usually described as foods and drinks that can be consumed to start Iftar. But, the word “Takjil” comes from Arabic.

Do You Know?

Takjil is taken from the Arabic word ajjala-yu’ajjilu-ta’jilan which means “to refresh” or “to hurry up” and is generally interpreted as immediately breaking the fast that has been done when the time to break the fast arrives. In Indonesia, we call it “Takjil”. With the various types of food and beverages served during Iftar, in Indonesia, Takjil is present and defined as an appetizer when Iftar time arrives.

Do Panda Friends often see roadside vendors serving a variety of food and drinks as Iftar approaches? If yes, you’ll find a menu of foods for sale, such as snacks like fried foods, or market snacks and cold and sweet drinks.

How about making Takjil with your children at home?


Bagaimana kalau Moms membuat Takjil bersama Si Kecil di rumah?

Despite making Takjil according to our taste, Moms can also improving children’s creativity by making Takjil before Iftar time arrives.
Yes, You Can Do It! For example, when Moms make Onde-onde dough, your children who help will improve their motor skills by feeling and knowing the texture of Onde-onde dough they’re making. Then, your children can also make round of Onde-onde and Moms can teach to count the rounds that your children have made. But, keep in minds, Moms! It is necessary to pay attention to cooking tools that are dangerous for the children, such as knives, and other sharp cooking tools, tools that use electricity and gas and continue to pay attention to the movements of the children while in the kitchen.

Not only one Takjil dish, your children can also be assisted to make other Takjil, such as making cookies or market snacks like Dadar Gulung. Your children can improve their creativity by using their imagination to shape the dough that has been made by Moms. So, when making Takjil, your children are not only taught to make Takjil itself, but also improving their hard and also soft motor skills to trigger their imagination and introducing to kitchen ingredients, such as sugar, salt, etc.

Moms can also teach the children to recognize the color of kitchen ingredients and stimulate their senses of tast when tasting Takjil. Your children will become mor understanding of salty, sweet and other flavors when tasting Takjil.

By making Takjil together in this moment of Ramadhan, Moms can improve the creativity of the children in a fun way while waiting for Iftar! So, are Moms interested to try? 

Don’t forget to provide your children’s favorite flavor of Hello Panda, Moms! Also give awards to your children for successfully making Iftar Takjil and your children will be excited to learn more 


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